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We can create an intelligent digital network platform which can make us and our customers to be a whole family.

Introduce and train a culturally consistent management with a clear code of conduct and make a commitment to that end. Build teams around the most influential personnel.

Since I started my business 18 years ago,

I have been determined to help foreign large auto parts after-sales service companies to solve the problems encountered in china.

Our Customer

Hyundai Motor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is the independent legal chinese corporation invested by Hyundai Mobis. Zhongzhou Developing Group Co. Ltd has been providing professional pre-classification, agency for importing and import customs clearance and import products service for auto parts and components (maintenance parts) for them since its establishment in 2001. It has been 16 years so far.

MITSUBISHI Trading (China) Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. It is an investment holding company established by MITSUBISHI Commercial Co., Ltd. in China. Its headquarters is in Shanghai, and a branch office has been set up in Beijing. MITSUBISHI Motor Sales (Chinese) Limited was founded in 2003, independent from MITSUBISHI commercial, mainly responsible for MITSUBISHI automobile import and export business. Zhongzhou Developing Group Co., Ltd provides professional pre-classified import customs clearance services cars for their spare parts (parts) of imported products for more than 20 years since their foundation in China.

Jiangsu Yueda Mobis Trading Co. Ltd. is one of the top five hundred enterprises in China, Jiangsu Yueda Auto Parts Co., Ltd. and international well-known enterprises Hyundai Mobis Corporation were founded in November 16, 2004 as a joint venture. We provide professional automobile spare parts (parts) of imported products, import agent, pre classification and import customs clearance service it has been 13 years.

Entreprise Robert Thibert Inc. is Canada’s leader in vehicle accessories distribution. With an extensive inventory of car and truck accessories, electronics, tools, alloy and steel wheels, recreational vehicle parts and accessories as well as hitches and trailer parts, all distributed throughout multiple warehouses across the nation. Robert Thibert Inc. also has one of the largest axle manufacturing and trailer parts assembly lines in the country. Entreprise Robert Thibert Inc. is a flourishing company in constant evolution. Part Rich is the purchasing agent of Robert Thibert Inc. in China, Part Rich provide purchase orders tracking service, product purchasing, quality inspection, logistics delivery and other solutions for making sure the whole supply process can be smoothly done.

ZF is the automobile driveline and chassis technology leading and active and passive safety technology suppliers. In China, ZF had established 2 regional headquarters (including engineering and technical centers), 32 manufacturing enterprises, 3 after-sales service and trading companies, and 239 after-sales service websites throughout the country. Our company since the beginning of 2007 for the group under the ZF sales service (Chinese) Co. Ltd., Shanghai caieifulunfude Chassis Technology Co., Ltd. ZF commercial vehicle chassis technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., as well as boghos metal rubber (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. (now acquired by China north car) to provide professional auto parts (maintenance a) imports the pre classification, agent import, import customs clearance, warehousing, and oil filling and other services, has been nearly 10 years.

Mitre 10 is a large enterprise in the Australian home decoration and hardware industry, providing a range of tools for gardening and home improvement. Part Rich is the purchasing agent of Mitre 10 in China.Part Rich provide the order tracking services, product purchasing, quality inspection, logistics distribution and other services of trolleys and tools products for Mitre 10.

Tech One is known for providing innovative products and advanced technology of the auto parts market in South America brand, the company mainly provides automotive electronics products, such as inverter, HID, reversing radar, vehicle camera, recorder etc. At present, Part Rich are the purchasing agent for Tech One in China, Part Rich provide order tracking, product procurement, quality inspection, logistics and distribution services for all their importing products.

IMPLEMENTOS is the largest truck accessory enterprise in South America, providing almost all of the truck components in South America, including hubs, alloy and steel wheels, tires, electronics, and truck components. Part Rich is the purchasing agent of IMPLEMENTOS in China, mainly providing order tracking, product procurement, and quality inspection, logistics delivery services for their main selling products, truck wheel hub, alloy and steel wheels.


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